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Even though the game Craps’ history started far away from the shores of the USA, many today associate Craps with USA. Many Hollywood movies feature Craps, not only because you can win really big, but also because it is a game quite suited for the safe player. The most important accessory in the game of Craps is of course the dice. Dices, in all sorts and shapes have been presents through-out the history of man. Many cultures use dice-looking objects to make decisions. It has more often than rarely been associated with magic and wizardry. Although the game of Craps only really started around hundred years ago, the dice plays a very important role in the game. The game is to bet on what result the two thrown dices will show. Today the dices that are used in the casino are shaped in a way to make very hard to throw them in a controlled fashion in order to cheat. To cheat in Craps is almost impossible and it has never been a problem online.

The game that is said to be predecessor to Craps is the English game Hazard. Hazard is said to have been developed during the English crusades by a knight named Sir William of Tyre. When him and his soldiers took a castle by the name of Hazarth, they apparently relaxed by playing this dice game. The name may have come from the castle, but it is also possible it is taken from the Arabic word for dice, azzah.

It is not completely clear whether the game of Craps came to USA with the French or the English, but the name is believed to originate from France. When the French started playing this dice game they gave it the name after the result that was called Crabs which meant a lost. The game itself got its current structure in the USA. The American history of Craps is not either completely clear with some claiming it was invented by the black slaves while others claim that that isn’t the case. In the USA, the dice maker John H Winn has received the title as the father of Craps. He is the one that added the rule to allow bets on either for or against the crap shooter.

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