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The beauty of slot machines is that they’re easy to play, fun to play and offer potentially huge payouts. It’s no surprise that slot games are now one of the most popular pastime of both live and online gamblers. Slots design can vary from game to game, but one thing remains the same no matter what sort of online slots game you play, you need to insert a coin, spin the one armed-bandit and once the reels have stopped spinning you need to check the payout line to see if you have a winning combination of symbols. Happy spinning!

History of Slots

In 1895 the first slot machine was created by mechanic Charles A. Fey from San Francisco. It had 3 reels with 5 symbols (therefore thousands of combinations) including a bell (liberty bell) which gave the name to the machine. Then other competitors appeared like Mills Novelty Company which had the brilliant idea to mimic candy vending machines during the Prohibition when gambling was illegal. That is where fruit symbols came from (cherries, orange and mint) – the notion that one was now playing for goods rather than money.

Those mechanical machines were replaced by electromechanical machines launched by Bally Pty in the 60’s, these are the ones currently found in casinos all over the world.

Nowadays slots machines have various themes, graphics and you can play basic 3 reel machines, more exciting 5 reel slots and even progressive slots where a portion of money played is added to a total jackpot amount being built up by the contributions of other players inserting money into any machine within the network.

Playing Slots

The objective is to hit certain symbol combinations. This combination has to match-up with the one indicated by the online slots games. You can have as many as five payout lines on each game – the payout line positioned at the top, in the middle, at the bottom and either the left or right diagonal.

A good strategy when playing on slot machines to win the jackpot is to play the maximum number of coins. Most machines will reward the jackpot only when you do this. Therefore if you are afraid to spend your money too quickly, instead of playing one coin at a time on the dollar machines, move to the 25 cent games and bet the maximum every time. Another way to increase your chances of winning is by playing online slot machines which have higher payout percentages; up to 99% at some online sites – generally higher than at physical casinos.

Be aware of the bonuses offered by the online casino – this can increase your winning probability. Free bonus slots rounds will give you the chance to play the slot games for fun, but also to increase your winnings!

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