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PaySpark is an online payment system that has been working on the e-commerce market since 2002. It is a fast and secure way to transfer money online. All financial operations are secured with the help of Secure Socket Layer technology with 128bit encryption, and it is also certified by Verisign Secured. A PaySpark account holder can exercise control over the transfers. You will get an email every time you load or withdraw money, you may see your balance any time you want and you can claim for your transaction list.

You can’t open a PaySpark account directly at the PaySpark site (as you do at many e-cash processors’ site); you should be invited to do so. The online casino where you play must accept your request, and then they apply for the PaySpark card for you. In order to get a PaySpark account with, you will be required to provide a copy of your passport or driving license, and a copy of a utility bill no older than half a year old with your current address. You will be given a Cirrus/Maestro debit card (you will pay $15 for opening) and you will automatically get a Payspark ATM Account. But you can obtain a Global Access account that will be tied to a MasterCard Electronic debit card. Regardless of the fact that these two accounts are inside one user’s account, they are really two different accounts.

After opening the account, you can fund through a credit card (Maestro, MasterCard), wire transfer, bank account. It will take 24 hours (sometimes if it is a weekend up to 3 days) for your money to appear on your account. Depositing money is free, PaySpark gets fees for withdrawal. You will pay min $3,5 or 2% from the withdrawing amount but no more than $15. You can withdraw via ATM or any retail (including virtual retail) location with MasterCard logo. At a time you can withdraw no more than $300 via Cirrus and $500 when using MasterCard Electronic. But you can make up to 3 withdrawals a day.

There is no minimum balance, but your zero account will be closed if it hasn’t been used for 180 days. Payspark can also impose a $10 month fee if you haven’t used your account for 90 days. More than this your account earns a 2% interest paid out every month on a $500 or higher balance.

You can use your Payspark account to make money transfers when you see the Ezipay logo, some websites don’t display the Payspark logo now, only the Ezipay one.

Starting from January, 2007 Payspark do not access US customers.

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