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MoneyBookers is one of the largest electronic payment systems which allow people to shop and transfer money all over the world. It is a reliable, secure, transparent and very convenient method to send and get payments online by using an e-mail address. The company offers local payment options in almost 40 countries and has customer service in twelve languages. MoneyBookers is similar to the world giant, PayPal but has its own peculiarities. It’s worth remembering that the company goes back to the gambling industry, so MoneyBookers offers great betting, poker and casino promotions when the deposit is made with the Moneybookers account.

To provide customers with the highest level of security MoneyBookers uses the most advanced security technology such as personal details, account login. All financial transactions are secured with the help of Secure Socket Layer technology that uses 128bit encryption, and has Verisign Secured certification.

To fund and withdraw can be made via bank transfer, cheque or credit/debit card. They accept such credit/debit card as Visa, MasterCard, American Express. A deposit will arrive to your MoneyBookers account within 2-5 days if you use your bank account; up to 10 day via cheque; and instantly via credit/debit cards. The company doesn’t accept cash deposits and third party deposits. A deposit can be made in different currencies (all the list you can see on the company’s site) but bear in mind that you’d better make deposits in the same currency which your Moneybookers' bank account is held in. To make a deposit from your bank is free, but your bank can take fees for transfer money abroad; upload using credit/debit card is up to 1.9%, and via cheque is up to €0.50.

To withdraw money you must have a certain sum that covers the redemption fees. Money withdrawal through bank transfer will cost € 1.80 flat fee, through cheque - € 3.50; you can use only Visa to withdraw money through credit/debit card and Moneybookers will take€ 1.80 fee for the transfer. Money will come to your bank account very fast.

MoneyBookers is very cheap for those who have MoneyBookers personal accounts (to send money to somebody who is a MoneyBookers member will cost only %1 but max €0,5). You may also send money to the person who hasn’t MoneyBookers account but to collect it that person must register at Moneybookers. Receiving money is free of charge.

The registration at Moneybookers you can first enter your email and password be careful when entering every symbol since you will not be able to change any data without additional request to customer support and after changing you require a repeat verification. Also keep in mind you may hold only one Moneybookers account.

You can call to MoneyBookers customer support every day from 9 am to 6 pm GMT. You can also send an e-mail to "Support Centre". They answer all your enquiries thoroughly and rather quickly.

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