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Boss Media

Boss Media, based in Sweden, is one of the most professional organizations in the world of online gambling. They have 2 products, their main casino system, and their ad server product.

Boss Media client software downloads easily from the Internet, enabling bettors to quickly start playing for real stakes in a secure environment. From the installer you can choose the games you wish to download from a screenshot. The user-friendly layout is simple and intuitive, enabling players to proceed without complicated instructions or command functions.

Boss Media system offers both single and multiplayer action, and they are continually developing their systems to advance with latest technologies such as java for no download compatibility.

Boss Media system is divided into the game servers and payment servers which employs the Webdollar transaction system, handling both deposits and withdrawals in a simple, fast, and secure manner. Within the client application, players can make deposits, request withdrawals, and view a log of preceding transactions via the Cashier module. All money transfers are encrypted and transported via a secure channel.

Boss Media servers themselves are located in Antigua, Curacao and Montreal. The game server controls the user data, log files and credit balances, as well as providing the random data generation for the client game feedback. Each casino is a unix server which includes a secure firewall, private databases, fraud units, and payment modules. All client-server communications are encrypted with the same security standards most banks utilize for electronic transactions. The game modules are located server-side, ensuring the integrity of all game results.

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